Ejetta Harvey, Homeless, Unwed, Single Mother, Abused

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5 Comments on “Ejetta Harvey, Homeless, Unwed, Single Mother, Abused”

  1. aliya Says:

    this is the most sad thing i have ever heard please i will pray for u

  2. Jacqueline Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear your story. I pray for you Ejetta.

  3. Stop DYFS From Abusing Their Power by signing the petition – TODAY. Here is the link:


  4. http://www.parentsinjusticegroupscotland.co.uk/ Parents Blogging website for all.

    http://www.profitableharm.com/home.html Vaccine damage link


    Had you child stolen ?
    Had your child suffer after childhood vaccinations ?
    Is your child in care ?

    Does your child have adhd autism aspergers allergy or a moderate learning difficulty ?
    We have been created by the need to fight widespread social care injustice and abuse of draconian state power. Children are being ripped from their parents simply because they are considered “unconventional” or even single.
    Just like pigs we rootle under the surface to find those golden nuggets of truth hidden beneath half truths, targets, idealised aims and a “not my decision” culture. In fact, we are the truffle P.I.G.S. of the social care world.

    Our aim is to help and support parents who have lost their children through spurious reasons. Low income, untidy house, learning difficulties,Vaccine damage, bad diet, disorganised lifestyle or a perceived non cooperation with social services.
    We don’t claim that these are fully acceptable but if the money wasted by the legal and social system was spent helping families with these difficulties there would be no need for their abusive and draconian behaviour.
    The whole system cannot be seen to have made a mistake, so they cover up any dodgy decisions. Everyone has seen how government and bankers squirm out of responsibility for their actions. Even sympathetic solicitors have little chance against this state conspiracy.
    The worst thing about the whole rotten business is that the children pay for the rest of their lives. And it doesn’t stop there. Their children end up suffering too. Three generations affected by inept decision making, it’s beyond criminal.
    So please get in touch however hopeless and battered you feel. We can and will make a difference to you and your children

  5. Im so sorry to hear your story.But keep ur head up,and try to do better for
    ur child, ill pray for u

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