UPDATE – Premature Birth, Mentally Ill Mother – 50 Foster Homes


AN UPDATE on Jonathan Norman Huges:

A little over a week after profiling Jonathan, there is an update. Jonathan is currently in the county jail for stabbing another teenager.

According to a According to the Child Welfare League of America, 27 percent of male children who age out of the foster care system end up in jail. Jonathan has quickly become another statistic.

Read the Aging Out of Foster Care interview on PBS at:


Meet Johnathan Norman Hughes, born at 6 1/2 months to a mentally ill mother. DHS – Children’s Protective Services in Michigan removed him from his mother after his sister reported neglect. After living in more than fifty foster homes, he ran away from his last foster home at sixteen years old. He says, not once did the police, his case worker or foster parents come looking for him. “If she (foster parent) reported me, then she wouldn’t get the money no more. She didn’t report me. She got the money and I didn’t want to be there and that’s a fair trade. She got what she wanted and I got what I wanted. She wanted free money without the responsibility and I wanted to be the heck away from this place. We both got what we wanted.”

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One Comment on “UPDATE – Premature Birth, Mentally Ill Mother – 50 Foster Homes”

  1. Cairo Says:

    I am foster child in the Baltimore County Department od Social Services. I am a 18 year old female and yes its hard but im gonna make it dont ever let your past determine your future ..Johnathan is NOT a statistic! that is a bias and rude statement that shouldnt be made I dont care how you ment it ..at the end of the day Johnathan was a child that fell through the cracks of the System ,that wasnt loved and judged because of where he came from and not because of who he really is and his personality..

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