Care Givers, Covenant House – Miss Janette “Trash Cans Are For Trash”


Meet Janette Scrozzo, Outreach Liaison, Covenant House New Jersey – Crisis Center

Covenant House New Jersey Outreach Liaison Janette Scrozzo

“We house 45 young people from the ages of 18-22. Our kids come through our door, a lot of them aged out DYFS kids, they come from sexually abused and physically abused homes situations. Many of our kids are gang affiliated.”

“They come to us because they have no place else to go so our doors are open 24/7.”

“We provide them with the immediacy, food, shelter, clothing.”

As Janette walks through the halls of Covenant House’s Crisis Center she greets the kids with the love of a mother giving them hugs and encouragement but also dispensing discipline, “No do-rags inside. You know the rules. Pull your pants up, respect yourself.” She turns to me, “We treat them with respect but they have to learn to respect themselves as well. Only then will others show them respect.”

I know they go back to doing what they want when I walk away but they have to learn. “Get off the garbage can. Garbage cans are for garbage. You’re not garbage. Get off the garbage can.”

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One Comment on “Care Givers, Covenant House – Miss Janette “Trash Cans Are For Trash””

  1. Vie Salgado Says:

    Thank you for helping these young adults. I was one of them, I aged out of the system but no one helped me. I have no idea where any of the other kids that I grew up with are I don’t even remember their names nor do I remember most of the foster parents names. Please one thing I want you to tell the other kids is that you can make it. You can go to college. No one told me this. I hope things have changed they were not good when I was in the system. I would like to know that some others have survivied and not ended up in prison.

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