James – Covenant House



Entered DYFS system in 1998

Possible homeless child to document long term. Lengthy audio interview at Covenant House. MODEL RELEASE SIGNED.

Lived in numerous foster house as well as transitional homes.

  • Newark Transitional Housing
  • YCS Shelter in Jersey City
  • Volunteers of America in Plainfield
  • Goodwill Missionary Home in Newark

Talking about his history and claims:

  • His step father raped him numerous times
  • Step father dropped off him and his brother at dyfs, not interested in taking care of them any longer
  • Lived with one foster family for 3 years until accusations of stealing money from the family
  • Doesn’t know his legal status as to whether or not he was legally free for adoption when he finally aged out
  • Signed himself out of dyfs care at 18 and signed himself back in to dyfs so that he could get his month stipend and medicaid but says he’s only received one check in the past six months

While living at Volunteers of America in Jersey City, he says he almost choked his girlfriend until he went to staff member Kevin Williams fo help. Came to 3 conclusions as to what his life would be:

  1. A rapist or child molester
  2. Locked up in prison
  3. Control and abuse women

He was taken to a hospital for counseling.

He’s a member of: 24/7 Community Church Newark of the Worldwide Church of God.

Say’s he’s fathered at least two children with one dying last year


  1. Priscilla Speed – current case worker DO2
  2. Marlin Cenatus
  3. Candido Rivera

Audio: 165-171 on Korg – 6/16/08

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